A Warrior's Blood

CSM (Ret) Sam Hosking

US Army

Ranger Medic

In 2018 I sent away a DNA sample to Ancestry.com. I was adopted at birth and was interested in finding out my ethnic background. I knew I had a couple of 1/2 siblings as well.

In March of 2019 I received a notification of a person who matched my DNA and was either my biological father or son... well, there may be a few German kids I don't know about, otherwise, I have 2 daughters.

I sent out a message to the profile of the match.

It was my biological father. He had been waiting for 50 years and had just about given up.

Sam and I have lived almost parallel lives. We are pretty much clones in behavior, appearance, qualities, likes/dislikes.

My wife, daughters and I met Sam and his wife Marjorie (not my biological mother) in San Luis Obispo, CA where my daughter Madisyn is stationed.

Sam lives in Roseboro, NC not too far from Ft. Bragg where he spent the majority of his career; with the 82nd Airborne.

I've been blessed with a great set of parents, brother, and sister and now I have a bonus family.

I could write a book about it. Maybe someday...

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