Arabic Interpreter

Our imbedded interpreter was a Kuwaiti expatriate studying at the University Of The Pacific in Stockton, CA.

After the invasion, he approached the US government and asked how he could help. The Department Of Defense sent him to Basic Training, issued him a full load out and transferred him to our Division.

While hard for westerners to pronounce/speak, read or write Arabic, the language is structured and in some respects easier to understand the rules of grammar. There is also a serious cultural barrier.

English is a derivative of western European/Latin root languages. We can learn Spanish, French, Portuguese and Italian readily.

I was fluent in Spanish up thru high school. I can still read and understand much of it, speak little of it but had almost no success trying to get around in Italy. I could speak English everywhere in Germany, Holland, Denmark, Norway and Austria.

SPC Robert West and our Kuwaiti interpreter

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