China Marines

I was in Denny's restaurant in 2012 on Veteran's Day. A Marine in dress blues came in the front door. All eyes were on him. He appeared to be closing in on a century.

People all over started tearing up. It was an incredible sight.

I walked over to his table and asked the Marine First Sergeant if he served in WWII or Korea. "China." he responded. I didn't understand and between my bad hearing and his I just nodded my head like I knew about it then hit Wikipedia later.

The Marine Corps 4th Regiment was stationed in Shanghai China from 1927 - 1941 to protect Americans and their property during the Chinese Revolution and Second Sino-Japanese War. They are referred to as the, "China Marines."

For those of us veterans who know placement of medals, you'll see that he has US ARMY medals worn on his right. He served in the ARMY for one enlistment then went back to the Marines.

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