Military/Battlefield Archeology

The folks over at Romanian Military Archeology are doing some fascinating work on locating, removing and preserving battlefield artifacts from WWI and WWII as well as recovering the remains of fallen soldiers and transferring them to the Romanian government.

RMA has generously agreed to share share their work on our page. Please head over to their FaceBook page and web site when you have the chance and say hello.

"One of the most interesting aspects related to metal detecting, is to find objects having several layers of stories and History. Objects that could have been simple, standard, but a simple engraving on them, changes literally everything. For example these two lighters, both discovered in Romania, both having engravings that transform them in something very special. One has the writings ''Sevastopol - Crimea 1943'' while the other one ''Mariupol 1943''. Most probably, both of them belonged to some Soviet soldiers who fought in those major battles, and both of them were eventually lost in Romania, when the Soviet army occupied the country."

- Romanian Military Archeology


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